Digital Signage bei Adler


Proof of Concept

Base case

Adler aims to arouse the customer's interest and make shopping in the store even more convenient - without foregoing personal advice.

Solution & Implementation

Interactive fitting rooms are installed in 4 stores. These are equipped with RFID antennas. A tablet attached in the cabin area shows the customer advisor whether a cabin is occupied, free or only occupied with items of clothing that can be stowed away. It also shows how many items of clothing are hanging in the cabin. There is a 23″ touch display in the cabin itself. Customers can use it to view article information such as product images, colors, sizes, cross-selling articles and availability. Complete outfit suggestions are also displayed. In the idle state, this self-service system plays a digital signage promotion.

The employees are equipped with an InStore Assistant, with the help of which they can view availability, outfits and cross-selling items. If a customer needs help in the changing room, they trigger a message with the push of a button, which then pops up on the InStore Assistant.

Large digital signage LCD screens are installed behind the cash registers.


The aim of this proof of concept was to determine whether customers of Adler Modemärkte accept digital elements such as self-service terminals in the changing room.

Digital assistance for employees (InStore Assistant and cabin overview) were tested as well.

Insights and statistics on the buying interest and behavior of Adler customers were collected, for example which items of clothing were taken into the changing room and which of them were ultimately purchased.

Featured products


Adler setzt im Proof of Concept auf folgende Leistungen der Bütema AG:

InStore Assistant

  • Content-Management mit soviaRetail
  • Schnelle und zentrale Steuerung der Inhalte
  • Self Service Terminals als interaktive Infopoints für Kunden
  • Werbedisplays in verschiedenen Größen für Produktpräsentationen
  • Digitales Schaufenster via LCD Video Wall für mehr Aufmerksamkeit bei Laufkunden
  • Self Service Terminals mit Mitarbeiterruftaste in der Umkleidekabine

Informationsterminals für Mitarbeiter

  • Visuelle Darstellung der Kabienbelegung
  • Übersicht über Artikel, die sich aktuell in den Kabinen befinden

InStore Assistant

  • Unterstützung der Mitarbeiter bei Verkaufsgesprächen
  • Up and Crossselling von Artikel

Design & Develeopment

  • Individuelle Template-Entwicklung


Adler Modemärkte AG, based in Haibach near Aschaffenburg, is one of the largest and most important textile retailers in Germany. Adler currently operates over 180 branches in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland, as well as an online shop. The company has been awarded the “Customer Champion of the Year” seal of approval for the tenth time in a row.

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