Our digital signage software, the soviaRetail Backstore, is going through a renewal process. In addition to the user-friendly navigation, there are a number of new functions. Our app, the InStore Assistant, has also been visually overhauled.

This visible update was preceded by an invisible major release of the framework. It basically serves as the a foundation for all further customizations. The framework release provides the toolbox that our developers need to make adjustments to the digital signage software and the InStore Assistant. The basis is, on the one hand, the the cloud: almost all processes are now in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. It also offers a number of updated supports such as for the cross-platform open source developer platform .NET version 6.


The immediately eye-catching change to our soviaRetail backstore is the general visual overhaul. The browser-based application gets a completely new look. The backstore is clearer thanks to fold-out menu cards and colored accents. In addition, the new design creates more space to display the extensive information on promotions and digital signage devices.

Image gallery: the new backstore design (overview media library, product search, signage devices)

The InStore Assistant is also graphically adapted to the soviaRetail Backstore. The tile menu is replaced by a flyout whose menu items are divided into levels and can be expanded and collapsed.


flyout menu

user menu

The integration of Power BI within the digital signage software is also new. This Microsoft-based tool creates interactive data visualizations. In this way, all data collected via our software or app can be displayed. This can be anything from promotional items played in a digital signage campaign, to the most viewed dress at the self-service terminal, to insights from the Corona certificate checker.

Image gallery: Bower BI integration


Speziell für die InStore Assistant App haben wir einen eigenen Corona certificate checker entwickelt. Dabei werden alle deutschen und EU-Zertifikate geprüft – sowohl das gültige Impf-/Genesenenzertifikat wie auch sämtliche vorgeschriebenen Sicherheitszertifikate. Anschließend wird gecheckt, ob dem Kunden oder der Kundin den national geltenden Regeln nach Einlass gewährt werden darf. Fehlen noch Dokumente für den Einlass weißt die Anwendung ebenfalls darauf hin. Es kann für verschiedene Filialen individuell eingestellt werden, welche Regeln gültig sein sollen.

In Verbindung mit Power BI kann eingesehen werden, wie viele Kundinnen und Kunden aufgrund fehlender Zertifikate abgewiesen werden mussten und welche Auswirkungen dies potenziell auf den Umsatz hat.


The integration of the Communication Center and the Announcements (both for the InStore Assistant App and the soviaRetail Backstore) reflects the customer's desire for more communication options within our app.

The Communication Center works like any known messenger app. But it can do even more: in addition to text messages and images, application and process information can also be sent within the chat.

Teams and subordinate channels can be defined in the 'announcements', which can be adapted accordingly using fine-grained rights hierarchies. This innovation arose from the desire to offer "top-down communication".


Dynamic Function Promotion Items offer project developers the possibility to create new promotion items without writing project code. This is made possible by special functions provided for this purpose.

Hotkey support for MicroApps: This allows the MicroApps applications to be designed in such a way that non-touch devices can also interact with certain shapes, provided the devices have corresponding accessories, such as infrared -sensors.

In addition, Spot-On News was integrated as an RSS feed.

Weitere Neuerungen im soviaRetail Backstore und der InStore Assistant App zeigen wir exklusiv auf der Messe EuroCIS vom 31.05. – 02.06.22. Eine Preview gibt es hier.

Overview of the most important innovations

  • Sovia Framework to 4.0.3
  • Sovia Solution to 4.0.0
  • Digital Signage Release to 6.0.0
  • Visual overhaul/new UI for soviaRetail Backstore & InStore Assistant App
  • Integration Power BI
  • Corona certificate checker
  • Communication Center
  • Announcements
  • Dynamic Function Promotion Items
  • Hotkeys for MircoApps
  • Parameters can now be linked to rights
  • Spot-On News Integration
  • Promotion report with charts

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