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Digital Signage Installation auf der EuroSHOP 2020

Successful digital signage advertising not only depends on first-class hardware and smoothly functioning software, but also on the right content. We have summarized in a nutshell what needs to be considered when creating content.

In principle, it should be ensured that the content is easy to read, the colors should have sufficient contrast (yellow text on a white background, for example, is illegible). The content should be clearly laid out and not overloaded with information. Customers often only see the content for a brief moment because they are moving and not looking at a screen as if spellbound. Therefore, all important information must be available at a glance. A mistake that is often made is that poster advertising is simply used for digital signage content, but it is often too detailed and with too much information. Shortening and compressing is therefore the top priority.

Furthermore, the images and videos used should of course have a high number of pixels and be absolutely sharp. The fonts and sizes used should be legible. If in doubt, it makes sense to test the content on site.

In general, the content should be varied and change after a maximum of 10 seconds. Customers collect many different impressions while shopping and no one stands in front of a screen for 5 minutes to watch a product presentation. It's about addressing emotions, promoting current offers and inspiring.

There are different types of content, such as images, videos, etc., that can be displayed. Basically, these can be subdivided in terms of brand or product positioning. Videos or animated static images are particularly suitable for brand positioning. Videos tend to lead to emotionalisation, they create the right mood at the POS and contribute to the brand experience. Existing campaign videos can be used excellently here. Templates that play out social media content can also be used to emphasize your own brand, customers and community. Product or outfit templates are ideal for product positioning. Product templates are more informative. They show which product is available in which colors and sizes. Often, screens that display product templates are placed directly on the counter. Outfit templates inspire with ready-made looks and show the associated items of clothing at the push of a button. With both templates, the success of the display can be checked very easily based on the sales figures for the products. Our digital signage software soviaRetail saves the data of when a promotion was played. Thanks to Microsoft Azure Insights, the results can be analyzed in connection with the sales rates.

Digital Signage Content - dos and dont's

The following golden rules summarize all points briefly and crisply:

1. Only 5 to 6 active elements

a. A primary element must be recognizable as a hero and shape the representation

2. Address mega level

a. Always show simply structured picture elements

b. Make reduced statements

c. Quick recognition and lasting memory are thus guaranteed

3. Set visible accents

a. Use contrasting colors

4. Exciting staging

a. Pay attention to dramatic image sections

b. Use focused representations

c. Do not overlay trademark symbols

5. Few words are enough

a. Limit the total of all advertising words (without claim) to five

b. Forces precision and condensed statements

c. Tolerance: two to three additional words

6. Show your brand with confidence

a. Brand is always clearly recognizable

b. Product photo size at least 40% of the format height

7. Legibility matters

a. Headlines: at least 12% to 15% of the format height

b. Sublines / Bulletpoints: 7% to 10% of the format heig

Source: IKAO

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