Just like our customers, we never stand still. The latest digital signage features in soviaRetail 4.6.1 contain some practical improvements in the design of the digital signage playlists. Here are the highlights:

  • Topics: Individual promotions can now be assigned to a topic. This significantly improves content organization. Examples of topics are “opening times” and “weekly promotions”. For example, all promotions with information on opening times are collected under the “Opening times” topic. Since these are different for each branch, the individual promotions are each assigned to an OrgUnit, a hotspot or device, i.e. the location where they are played. The topic “opening times” is created as a sub-promotion under the master promotion. Only the right promotion for the respective device is then displayed on the screens. The creation of playlists is thus significantly simplified.
  • Aspect ratio: If several screens are installed in a shop, they usually have different orientations (portrait vs landscape) or aspect ratios (narrow stele vs LED wall). From now on, the image or video with the correct aspect ratio is automatically recognized and played by the system for the appropriate screen. This ensures that the content is displayed over the entire surface without borders.

All other features can be found in the current Release Notes. (login required)

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