ERP processes - merging of mobile and desktop

ERP Prozesse - Verschmelzung von mobile und Desktop

Mobile first:
Mobile first:
The control and execution of mobile ERP processes is not only important for those in the shop. Reliable hardware and software are also expected “behind the scenes” - such as the warehouse or receipt of goods.

Our mobile ERP app provides everything that is needed for resource planning. For example, did you know that ...

... not just individual items, but entire truck loads can be collected in this way?
... the possibilities for printing are not limited to label printers, but stationary printers can also be controlled without any problems?
... parcel labels and all required documents accompanying the goods can also be created with a fingertip?
... all inventory records that are subject to the statutory retention requirements can be printed in accordance with the requirements?
... prices that are subject to a validity period can also be advised?
... both notified and free movements of goods can be mapped?

Complemented by the desktop version:
Mobile ERP devices record processes and tasks in regard to one branch or one warehouse. The Mobile ERP Backstore is suitable for a more global, clearer presentation - for example for a regional manager who has to keep an eye on more than one branch. All processes that were notified in one or more branches come together here. Even processes that have been carried out once - for example printing a delivery note - can be repeated in the desktop view with one click. Here, inventories are initiated, goods are returned or error logs are read out. The mERP Center ideally complements the app and also accommodates the need for evaluations and statistics.

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