Here you will find solutions to common digital signage and InStore Assistant problems as well as answers to general questions such as prices and system requirements.

InStore Assistant

  • Please check that your device is switched on.
  • Please check whether a promotion has been assigned to the device and whether this promotion is still playing at the current time (e.g. it may be that the promotion has time rules and is therefore not currently being played)
  • Is the device online / connected to the Internet? (You can check this by opening the remote control. If the device is displayed, it is online; if not, there is no internet connection)
  • Check why: is a completely wrong promotion assigned, or are only parts of the promotion playing out incorrectly?
    • Promotion is completely wrong: assign the right promotion directly to the device.
    • Parts are wrong: check whether the rules have been applied correctly to the promotion items (are the date and time correct? Is a SALE rule active? Does the promotion contain a product mix item that may be filled with incorrect tags?)
  • To do this, click on "Digital Signage" -> "Signage Devices" in the menu bar and scroll to the very back; Here you can see the promotions assigned to the devices (direct / hotspot / org unit)
  • This is due to the distribution of rights and roles. Not all users have the same rights. "Locked" items were created by a user with higher authorization.
  • Das Gerät ist wahrscheinlich offline. Bitte prüfen Sie Ihre Internetverbindung. Ist auf dieser Seite alles in Ordnung, wenden Sie sich bitte an unseren Support.
  • The scope defines which areas are accessible or visible to which users.
  • Org-Units bilden die reale Standort-Hierarchie der Filialen in einer Baumstruktur ab. Dabei können auch einzelne Geräte eine eigene Org-Unit sein. An die Org-Units sind Rechte- und Rollenverteilungen gebunden.
  • A hotspot combines various devices into a group (e.g. "All screens behind the cash registers"). It does not matter whether the devices are located in one branch or in several different branches
  • Since shop windows are often exposed to high levels of sunlight, an LED screen is almost always recommended. LEDs shine brighter and can thus counteract the sun's rays. The viewing distance should influence the choice of the pixel pitch (pixel pitch = the distance between the individual LEDs). The further the display is from the viewer, the larger the pixel pitch may be.
  • Probably the wrong type of display was chosen and it is not bright enough.
  • Das kommt grundsätzlich immer auf den Einsatzort und die vorgesehene Verwendung an. LEDs eignen sich für Schaufenster fast immer am besten; LCD Bildschirme mit feinerer Auflösung eher für den Innenraum. Jedoch sollte dies vorher immer von Fachpersonal geprüft werden, bevor eine Entscheidung getroffen wird.

InStore Assistant

  • Es kann sein, dass das Gerät nicht entsprechend konfiguriert wurde. Bitte wenden Sie sich an unseren Support.
  • The product may not yet be stored in the ERP system or has not yet been transferred to our system
  • The product may not yet be stored in the ERP system or has not yet been transferred to our system

Self Service / Self Checkout

  • The inventory of items for this item may not yet have been transferred from your ERP system to our system.

Pricing & Requirements

  • Da unser System zu 100% über die Azure Cloud läuft, fallen Ihrerseits keine Hardwareinvestitionen für Server an. MDE Geräte, Smartphones oder Tablets für den InStore Assistant bieten wir Ihnen zur Miete an oder konfigurieren Ihre bereits vorhandenen Geräte entsprechend. soviaRetail ist eine browserbasierte Anwendung, die mit allen HTML5-fähigen Browsern funktioniert.
  • Unser soviaRetail System und der InStore Assistant sind für einen breiten Rollout konzipiert. Die Kosten/Nutzen Effizienz ist umso höher, je mehr Filialen und Mitarbeiter angebunden werden.
  • We can connect all ERP systems as well as adapt the user interface and templates to your corporate design and your special requirements.
  • We use a monthly rental model based on license keys. The minimum requirements are:
    • Azure Cloud Hosting: 199 €/month
    • Cloud Onboarding: 500 €, one time only
    • RetailCore Basic: 8 €/month per license
    • RetailCore CMS Module: 8 €/month per license
    • At least one Frontend-License: between 14 and 16,50 €/month for Digital Signage devices; MDE devices are 3,50 €/month
  • Je nach Projektanforderungen fallen weitere Kosten an. Für weitere Informationen und eine detailliertere Kostenaufstellung, angepasst an Ihre persönliche Anfrage, wenden Sie sich bitte an unseren Head of Sales Herrn Lutz Hollmann-Raabe.

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