Focus on: Interactive Shop Window

Ausschnitt aus dem Bütema Messestand der EuroSHOP 2020

The interactive shop window spotlights the latest product highlights and collections combined with a curated experience - directly at the shop window and around the clock. The focus is on gamification and interaction.

What at first glance looks like a classic digital signage screen in the shop window, which attracts the attention of passers-by with video, image or template content, becomes an interactive playground. If a curious person activates one of the 8 buttons next to the screen, he or she can navigate through digital signage content, browse looks and articles, like and even order articles in the online shop using an automatically generated QR code.

The buttons react even without direct contact. All you have to do is hover your finger over the button. In times of Covid-19, the interactive shop window is becoming a safe playground without qualms.

The content of the interactive shop window is controlled and administered in the soviaRetail Backstore. The classic digital signage elements are created as promotions. Interactive content, such as flipping outfits and the current social media feed, are also linked to the interactive shop window in the Backstore. In this way, every shop window can be updated individually and from any location.

If the soviaRetail Backstore is linked to the new Azure Insights, all interactions can be analyzed, for example which outfit or item of clothing was liked most often or which QR codes were scanned.

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