Microsoft Azure - why move to the Cloud?

Azure Cloud

All of our solutions are already operated on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. We have briefly summarized the advantages for our customers.

  • Cost savings: There are neither investment costs for software and hardware acquisition, nor for the establishment and operation of data centers.
  • Scaling: IT resources such as higher or lower computing power, storage capacity or bandwidth are made available when they are needed. This means that exactly the right amount is always available.
  • Security: Various policies and the latest technologies protect your data, apps and infrastructure from threats.
  • Fast adaptation: With just a few clicks, even large amounts of computing resources can be made available. Companies benefit from greater flexibility and reduce the pressure of capacity planning.
  • Productivity: If you manage your IT resources via local data centers, this is associated with set-up and administration costs. These tasks are taken over in the cloud so that the in-house IT can take care of other corporate goals.
  • Reliability: Due to multiple data mirroring, data backup and disaster recovery are secured in the event of data loss.

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