With the latest update of our digital signage software to version 5.1, you now have the option of displaying the weather in your digital signage promotions. In addition, signage devices (screens) can now be configured more conveniently and directly in the Backstore and stored with data such as photo, location, etc.


With Release 5.1, a weather display can now be added to a digital signage promotion. There is a new promotional item for this, "Weather". In the item settings, the display duration can be determined, as well as the type of weather view:

  • current weather
  • 5 days forecast
  • hourly forecast
  • current weather & 5 days forecast

The display includes the temperature, the weather itself, visually supported by icons (cloudy, rain, sun, ...), and other useful information such as perceived temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc. The background changes depending on the current weather situation.

The weather display can also be integrated as a zone within a zone promotion.


The editor now summarizes all information about a DS device at a glance, such as:

  • photo of the device in the store
  • device name
  • ID and serial number
  • Location (address, longitude and latitude, map view)
  • System and hardware status
  • promotion items last played

In addition, many settings can be changed directly in the editor:

  • audio on/off
  • network (LAN or WiFi)
  • assign/edit hotspot
  • screen definition

The device can also be tagged; the tags can be used for filtering.

The Signage Device Editor bundles everything that is important to a device in a clear and easy-to-understand manner, which was previously "scattered" in several individual places.


  • Revised barcode scanner in SoviaClient with pick one of many support.
  • Sovia client devices (Android / iOS), or in retail "ISA devices" now retain their native serial number during registration, which means that all devices always report to the server with the same serial number despite reinstalling the app.
  • Devices that communicate with the system now also report additional information such as manufacturer, model, device name, operating system and version. These are also displayed in the device list.
  • Announcements in the Backstore:
    • UI/UX has been revised. Some actions that were previously in the items via buttons can now be accessed via the context menu (right-click).
    • Announcements can now be shared in chats.
    • When canceling an edit, it is now checked whether something has changed before the user is asked if he really wants to cancel.
    • Notifications for announcements can now be completely deactivated.
    • If chat push notifications are deactivated in the InStore Assistant app, this now also applies to the Backstore (digital signage CMS).
    • UI / UX Rework MessageBox: The message boxes (component flyouts + dialog) from SoviaSolution now have a new look & feel
Ein Screenshot aus dem Digital Signage Content Management System von Bütema. Es stellt eine Übersicht über neue Warnmeldungen dar.
  • New icons and statuses for disconnected devices
Ein Screenshot aus dem Digital Signage Content Management System von Bütema. Es stellt eine Übersicht der Icons dar, die anzeigen, ob ein Digital Signage Gerät offline ist, online ist, usw.
  • A user now has the option to exclude certain devices, hotspots and orgunits from the playout logic. This makes it easier to set certain scenarios, such as in all stores in Germany, except Store A and Store B. in allen Stores in Deutschland, außer Store A und Store B leichter einstellen.
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