Verkaufsberatung mit Digital Signage und InStore Assistant bei Schuh Bär

Schuh Bär & Joe Nimble

Proof of Concept

Base case

The Bär and Joe Nimble branches receive, among other things, a virtual shelf extension in the course of company-wide digitization. The sales staff should also be given much more support. The aim is to achieve an omnichannel concept with high service quality.

Solution & Implementation

Employees receive smartphones with the InStore Assistant. They can use this to query inventory data via a barcode scan - both from their own shop and from other branches and the online shop. The goods can also be requested from there on the go. A salesperson can present additional information and products to the customer.

Digital signage screens convey the "Bär feeling" and illustrate the traditional craftsmanship with which each individual shoe is made. The sales staff can use the InStore Assistant to control the screens in the shops and access product and availability information as well as video clips and styling examples. The content is fed directly from Bär's product information system and displayed with the help of templates.


Querying stocks and suggesting alternative items make consultations much easier for the sales staff. Annoying trips to the warehouse and back to the customer are no longer necessary. At the same time, the company can present itself in a modern and contemporary way towards their customers.

Featured products

Project Overview

Die Bär GmbH setzt im Proof of Concept auf folgende Leistungen der Bütema AG:

InStore Assistant

  • Content management with soviaRetail
  • Quick and centralized content control
  • Digital advertising displays in different sizes for product presentation
  • Digital shop window via LCD video wall for more attention from walk-in customers

InStore Assistant

  • Supporting employees in sales talks
  • Upselling and crossselling

Design & Development

  • Individual template development
Digital Signage Screen im Schaufenster von Joe Nimble


BÄR shoes have stood for a positive attitude towards life since 1982. They are daily companions for people who live their own style confidently and independently. Perfect shoes for women and men for whom health and well-being are important, who appreciate comfortable comfort without having to forego the fashionable zeitgeist. For people who want to concentrate on the finer things in life.

In 2013, the established BÄR shoes received a nimble addition: the young brand Joe Nimble. Both brands are based on the BÄR principle: uncompromising toe freedom.

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