Ship from Store mit Datalogic Memor K

Ware scannen mit dem InStore Assistant und Datalogic Memor K

With the software solution Ship from Store from Bütema, goods can be sent directly from a branch to the end customer, but also to the warehouse or another branch. Orders can be placed via the online shop, the InStore Assistant or at a self-service terminal. A BI can decide where the shipping order should be triggered.

This omnichannel process therefore also means a big step towards same day delivery. In addition, retail stores also become warehouses. In order to be able to meet this challenge, however, both reliable software and suitable hardware are required.

The Memor K from Datalogic is ideally suited as an all-rounder for this task. From the inventory process through sales support to goods acceptance and storage, it simplifies all data acquisition processes. The powerful 2 GHz octa-core processor in combination with 3 GB RAM memory ensures fast processes. It is also equipped with an 8MP camera, which facilitates visual communication with the customer or the headquarters.

On the software side, the InStore Assistant maps all mERP processes required for the process. Picking orders are sent as push messages to the employees in the branch who are to send the goods. The articles can now be reserved and booked out directly in the ISA. The required shipping documents are printed at the push of a button, as are the package labels. A corresponding e-mail to the recipient is also generated automatically.

Ware scannen mit dem InStore Assistant und Datalogic Memor K

This article was created in collaboration with Datalogic.

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