Software Consulting

Although we and our customers speak the same language, it is not always given that all parties understand each other. If the customer speaks of shelf extension and the developer of the InStore app, communication problems can sometimes arise. This is where our Software Consultants come in.

They are the link between customers, development team and sales. They ensure that specific requirements are implemented and advise customers when it comes to mapping their processes. They are always the contact person for the customer and act as a 'translator' so that all customer-specific formulations are implemented as intended.

The consultant takes over the customer from sales as soon as it comes to deepening the joint project. The needs are analyzed together with the customer and existing processes are broken down and even questioned, often redesigned. He suggests modules from our portfolio to the customer that can best reflect his requirements. The consultant discusses options for special implementation with the development team and then gives the customer feedback.

The consultant also analyzes change requests and discusses them with sales for an offer. The joint project process is of course documented by the consultant.


Project manager

Link between parties

Contact person


Change requests

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