Bütema X Microsoft Experience Center Munich

Bütema AG is part of the new Microsoft Experience Center EMEA in Munich

The time has come: Four decades after the opening of the first German Microsoft office in Unterhaching, the Microsoft Experience Center EMEA opens its doors to the public. The latest digital innovations of the Microsoft partners will be presented. We are proud to be one of them.

In the first European location of a Microsoft Experience Center, we exhibit, among other things, our interactive mirror with sound shower, the interactive shop window with 100″ display from Sony and a 22″ Self Checkout Terminal with hardware from Elo Touch. Micro Apps can also be tested using a smartwatch advisor as an example. With these, customers have the opportunity to design interactive solutions themselves - without any programming knowledge at all. Our partners HearDis! and spot on news will also be presented with the integration of store music at the touch of a button, and news integration on a digital signage display, respectively.

A special focus is on our shopping assistant KIra, which can also be tested in Munich. KIra is launched by scanning a QR code on the end customer's smartphone and offers assistance at various points. For example, items can be scanned to retrieve product information and availability, as well as personalized prices and discount coupons in the future. In addition, a sales associate can be requested by scanning a QR code, for example in the fitting room. This person receives a push message on his or her InStore Assistant. KIra's intuitive chat is connected to OpenAI's artificial intelligence GPT, optimizing the quality of responses, as well as language diversity. Retailers have the option to specify the language style in KIra (formal, casual, etc.). In addition, advertising banners can be integrated.

Our solutions at the Microsoft Experience Center in Munich showcase the latest digital innovations around the perfect consumer shopping experience, the best possible integration into the store concept, as well as the support of customer advisors through salesperson apps. Be welcome and let us inspire you with our solutions!

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