Ein großer Digital Signage Bildschirm steht vor dem Eingang eines Ladens für Babybekleidung.





With the refurbishing of the Waiblingen branch, BabyOne is aiming for digitization. The converted store should not only shine with a modern shop fitting concept, but also with digital elements. An important requirement in times of Covid-19 is the safety of large and small visitors.


In order to be able to meet the distance and hygiene requirements, we use our newly developed customer traffic light on a 55″ digital signage display in the entrance area. The system automatically detects customers when entering and leaving the store via the sensor attached to the ceiling. If the set maximum number of people is reached, the display automatically switches to "STOP" and asks the customer to wait. Additional digital signage content provides information about the maximum number of people allowed in the store. Three further displays in 55" and 48", which are installed inside the shop, play digital signage content.

Eine große Digital Signage Wand hängt vor einer Kollektion von Kinderwagen. Sie besteht aus vier einzelnen LCD Bildschirmen und spielt Digital Signage Werbung aus.


We are proud to be able to inspire BabyOne for the new customer stop light shortly after development. The system supports customer advisors in observing the distance requirements and gives customers orientation and security.

The digital signage displays inside the store are used by BabyOne to draw attention to product features, e.g. in the stroller or car seat area. On the displays behind the cash register, topics such as cashless payments or customer cards are offered.

Ein Digital Signage Bildschirm hängt an einer Säule in einem Laden für Babybekleidung
Innenansicht eines frühlinghaft dekorierten BabyOne Ladens mit drei Digital Signage Bildschirmen über der Kasse


In this proof of concept, BabyOne relied on the following solutions from Bütema AG:

Digital Signage  >

  • Content management with soviaRetail
  • Quick and centralized content control
  • Use of the client & franchise partner module
  • Integration of existing hardware

Flic Buttons  >

  • Digital product comparison

Digital Admission Control >

  • Sensors to control the digital content and the flow of visitors
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