Eine Frau hält einen Sneaker in der Hand, den sie gerade aus einer Lift & Learn Box genommen hat. Auf dem Bildschirm über ihr spielt ein Video passend zu dem Sneaker aus.



The Product Advisor category summarizes all solutions that are interactive and with a playful, intuitive approach specifically aimed at putting individual products in the spotlight.

These can be self-service terminals based on MicroApps, or gamification solutions such as Lift/Place & Learn or Flic buttons.

Icon für die Produkte Lift and Learn und Place and Learn
Ein icon, das einen flic Button darstellt
Icon für das MicroApps Feature der Digital Signage Software der Bütema AG

Lift & Learn / Place & Learn

Flic buttons


Icon für die Produkte Lift and Learn und Place and Learn

Lift & Learn / Place & Learn

Ein icon, das einen flic Button darstellt

Flic buttons

Icon für das MicroApps Feature der Digital Signage Software der Bütema AG



A special form of interactive digital signage are the RFID-based solutions Lift & Learn and Place & Learn. Changes in the distance of a product - for example due to lifting or putting it down - are automatically recognized and the promotion that matches the product is displayed on the digital signage screen.

On the sales floor, Lift/Place & Learn can be used as a showstopper or information terminal. In the former case, individually selected products are placed in front of a screen, for example on top of a pedestal. When the product is promoted, the appropriate promotion (such as detailed information, suggested combinations and looks) is played out.

If the Place & Learn variant is used as an info terminal, platforms are placed in front of a display with the addition "Info terminal". Customers can put the products they want more information about on top of the platforms and the product information will be displayed. A touch display can also be used, which customers can use to reorder the product directly if it is no longer available.

When idle, Lift/Place & Learn digital signage plays content and thus contributes to the advertising effect on the area.

Product features:

  • Showstopper
  • Gamification
  • Puts the focus on certain products
  • Ideal for products that require explanation
  • Emotionalizes products (in connection with image videos)


 With a diameter of 3 cm and a weight of a few grams, the buttons can be used immediately and anywhere. Electricity is provided by a very long-lasting button battery. The connection works via Bluetooth to a hub, which in turn is connected to the Azure cloud and thus to the soviaRetail backstore via the internet. The buttons are administered entirely via the backstore.

The simplest, most intuitive solution to using a Flic Button is to attach it to a product and ask customers to operate the button. When you press the button a product video, a how-to guide, or information on use and features is played on a screen.

Another example is product comparison. In this scenario a button is placed in front of the products that are to be compared with each other. If a customer presses one or more buttons, detailed information appears on the digital signage screen. This application is perfect for products that require explanation or come with many hidden features.

If a customer has a question or would like customer advice, they can press the button that is installed, for example, in the changing room or at the info point.

The store employees receive a corresponding push message with the request via the InStore Assistant and can accept it. These are just three examples - the possibilities to use the buttons in connection with the InStore Assistant and the soviaRetail Backstore are almost unlimited.

Product features:

  • Small, light, mobile
  • Intuitive
  • Many different uses
  • Connected via Bluetooth


With MicroApps, interactive solutions can be designed by the users themselves - without any programming knowledge. The application is part of our digital signage software. An image serves as the basis, on which any number of areas with freely designable 'shapes' can be defined. When touched, these shapes trigger an action: for example, playing a video, calling up a scrollable PDF or image catalog, or jumping to a new page.

This is how Smartwatch advisors, RegioPoints or an interactive shop window are created.

The interactively designable areas can always be displayed in combination with digital signage content.

Product features:

  • Design self-service applications yourself
  • No coding (knowledge) necessary
  • Intuitive, easy application
  • Media that can be displayed:
    • Videos
    • Images / image galleries
    • PDFs
    • Websites / URLs
  • Also in combination with digital signage content


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