Ein Digital Signage Bildschirm steht angebracht auf einem Gestell im Schaufenster eines Drogeriemarkts. Er zeigt passende Digital Signage Werbung.





Dirk Rossmann GmbH has been a customer of Bütema AG for over 6 years. The collaboration began with the development of the OBF app: a mobile application for online inventory management. The app is constantly being improved and expanded - and in 2021 our partnership expanded to include digital signage.


Since the connection to Rossmann's merchandise management system had already taken place through the OBF project, the connection to the digital signage backend was relatively simple.

In a proof of concept, 7 branches were equipped with different screen types: from LCDs to a special shop window with an LED poster. The innovative, double-sided displays were of particular advantage. These were primarily installed in the shop window area and play different advertising both externally and internally in the sales room.

Ein LCD Bildschirm hängt von der Decke ab im Schaufenster eines Drogeriemarkts. Er spielt Digital Signage Werbung aus.

At first, the Bütema InStore Consulting Team took care of the visual adaptation and import of the content. Later this part was taken over by Rossmann themselves. The PoC was crowned with success - and was followed by the rollout for initially 30 German branches within 3 weeks.

Ein LED Post steht in einem Schaufenster, das mit einem Kinderbettchen und Babyartikeln dekoriert ist. Das LED Poster spielt zum Thema passende Werbung aus.


After a successful test phase, Rossmann decided to use signage screens across the board. The double-sided displays in particular won. Instead of the LED posters, special-format LCD columns were selected in the checkout area, as well as a 3×3 device LCD wall in Nuremberg.

Eine große Digital Signage Wand, die aus 9 einzelnen LCD-Bildschirmen besteht. Sie zweigt das Logo der Drogeriemarktkette Rossmann in weiß auf rot.



In this proof of concept, Rossmann relied on the following solutions from Bütema AG:

Digital Signage  >

  • Content management with soviaRetail
  • Quick and centralized content control
  • Digital advertising displays in different sizes for product presentation

Design, Development, Consulting

  • Initial administration of the soviaRetail backstore
  • Planning and implementation of promotion cycles
  • Customization and creation of content (images and videos)
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