Eine Frau überklebt ein Etikett an einem Kleid mit einem neuen Preisaufkleber in rot. In der Hand hält sie einen mobilen Etikettendrucker

Adjusting prices


Prices can be adjusted locally or globally with the InStore Assistant app. Either per article or for an entire range. This can either be done via specified price changes from the company's HQ, or directly at the branch.

Prices that have a validity period - for example promotional days - are displayed accordingly in our mobile ERP software and sent to the branch in good time.

Price change lists, which are passed on to the branches from the central, are created automatically and the layout adapted to the customer's wishes. These are either transmitted digitally to the mobile ERP devices of the employees in the branch, or printed.


The branch or regional manager can arbitrarily reduce prices for a specific branch or certain goods.

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