Ein Team von drei Männern verpackt professionell einen Digital Signage Bildschirm mit einer Folie.

Managed Service


If your daily business is disrupted by a defective device, it's annoying and can lead to unplanned losses. We therefore ensure that failed MDE and digital signage devices are ready for use again as quickly as possible.

We look after the entire life cycle of a device and are therefore the single point of contact for our customers for all installation, repair and service issues.

For both the hardware and the software.


From rollout after to best practices to exchange, remote access and on-site technicians, we offer you a holistic service concept tailored to your needs, including hardware as a rental model - hardware as a service.

With our own technicians on site, hardware pools in our own logistics building and an in-house repair center, we can react flexibly and precisely to all of our customers' requirements and restore the hardware to be operational as quickly as possible.


On-premise systems - i.e. software that the customer has to install and operate himself - have the major disadvantage that the customer also has to take care of the entire infrastructure, such as the server. In the case of extensive applications, this can quickly become a challenge in terms of time and money.

We offer our services as a SaaS model with all data stored in the Cloud. This monthly rental model also guarantees high flexibility for scaling.

The soviaRetail backstore can be accessed with all common browsers. A local software installation is no longer necessary.

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