Eine Frau steht vor einem Self Service Terminal in einem Schuhladen. Sie tippt mit einem Finger auf den touchfähigen Bildschirm.





Customers decide anew every day how and where to get information; Deichmann wants to be present at all possible touchpoints.


25 Deichmann stores are equipped with digital signage, self-service terminals and the InStore Assistant. The DS content consists of e.g. information on return options, product videos and various other information. With the InStore Assistant, employees can scan articles and receive information about available sizes and colors in their branch, in the online shop and in other branches. With the 32″ self service terminals, customers can order items directly and have them delivered to the store or to their home.

Zwei Frauen stehen in einem Schuladen, beide lächeln frontal in die Kamera. Eine Frau hält einen blauen Loafer in der Hand, die andere hält ein mobiles Gerät hoch, auf dem der Schuh in der InStore Assistant App zu sehen ist.


With the integrated omnichannel processes, Deichmann makes it as easy as possible for its customers and offers them the choice between closer advice (InStore Assistant) or independent browsing (Self Service Terminals)


Self Service Terminal  >

Icon, das ein Self Service Terminal darstellt


In this proof of concept, Deichmann relied on the following solutions from Bütema AG:

Digital Signage  >

  • Content management with soviaRetail
  • Quick and centralized content control
  • Multimedia content for more advertising impact
  • Digital advertising displays for product presentations
  • Digital shop window for more attention from walk-in customers
  • Interactive information management for visitors

Self Service Terminals  >

  • Digital self-service terminals at the POS
  • Transfer of orders to the local checkout system

InStore Assistant App  >

  • Supporting employees in sales talks
  • Up and Cross-Selling von Artikeln
  • Omnichannel processes

Smart Data

  • Merging and synchronization of data from different systems
  • Provision of the current inventory
  • Generating meaningful KPIs
  • Analyzing, preparing and evaluating KPIs

Design & Development

  • Interface to the merchandise management system and online shop
  • Implementation of software technologies to internal processes
  • Data interface to digital end devices and apps
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