With the new releases for our DS backend, some exciting features were added, which above dive deeper into the subjects of free design, statistics and planning. Thanks to Zone Promotions , a single screen can be divided into several freely definable areas (= zones); Each zone can be assigned its own promotion.

Even more Statistics are now available : by OrgUnit, by promotion, by promotion item, by screen, and so on. This feature is particularly useful when advertising time is rented to third parties and a detailed list of the items displayed is essential.

The new planning and forecasting tool provides information before a promotion goes live and tells you whether all promotion items can be played without errors, or whether, for example, an empty container mix was accidentally installed. Entire weekly editorial plans can be viewed in a table. This dialog shows which promotion items are included within a promotion. The editorial plan feature is primarily intended for complex promotions that come with numerous rules.

Functions are little helpers that make it possible to quickly implement customer requests not included in the basic version of our software. They supplement promotion items with freely definable rules. An example would be: "Only show the Facebook post with the most likes".

Improvements have also been made to:

  • Display of social media items (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Tagging, search, sorting
  • Deletion protection
  • UX/UI - more intuitive user interface
  • Deeper error analysis


The digital signpost is ideal for stores with several floors to offer customers quick orientation. In our digital signage software, all content of the signpost can be adjusted at any time. Areas for time-limited campaigns such as Carnival or Easter can also be displayed as a ticker, for example. The signpost is touch-enabled and customers can choose from up to 7 languages ​.


The digital signage book is an excellent way to make product catalogs, lookbooks and information brochures interactively accessible at the point of sale. Standard formats such as .pdf or .jpg files are loaded into the content management system and can then be animated on the screen like a book. The book's an asset for example in waiting areas, to emotionalize, inform and engage customers.

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