Eine Verkäuferin, die eine türkisblaue Bluse in der einen Hand hält und ein Smartphone in der anderen, sieht lächelnd auf eine Digital Counter Card.

Digital Counter Card


The Digital Counter Card is a 15'' or 22'' display. Placed on a product carrier, it doubles as a digital price tag. The template designed according to customer CI automatically shows the product name, the product description, the price and variants in color or size. This way, the variety of NOS articles is easily represented. Customers can order the desired product in the online shop via the automatically generated QR code.


In its function as a digital price tag, the counter card can be controlled with the InStore Assistant app. Store employees use the ISA app to scan the barcodes of the products they want displayed on the counter card's screen. The product details are then shown accordingly on the template designed in advance. If red pen prices are stored in the customer's ERP system, these are also displayed automatically.

Eine Digital Counter Card steht auf einem Warenträger, auf dem Kleider und Accessoires dekoriert sind in den Farben senfgelb und türkisblau. Eine Kundin schaut sich eine Geldbörse an.


The Digital Counter Card can also serve as a (classic) digital advertising sign. Ads can either be displayed in a mix with price information, as a banner (the screen is then divided accordingly), or the device is used exclusively as a digital poster.

Ein schwarzer Warenträger mit verschiedenen Klamotten wie Kleidern, Blusen, Röcken, Pullovern in den Farben senfgelb und türkisblau. Am Warenträger ist eine Digital Counter Card angebracht.

Product features:

  • 2-in-1 Solution: Digital Price Tag & Digital Signage Screen
  • With touch screen (if desired)
  • Available in two sizes: 15 and 22 inches
  • Content can be controlled both with the mobile phone (InStore Assistant App) and via the browser (Digital Signage CMS)
  • Includes barcode scanner
  • UHD-Display (9:16 / 16:9)
  • Rotating display
  • WiFi capable, so it can be quickly placed elsewhere in the store
  • Freely adaptable product templates
  • Generates automatic QR codes (i.e., to pull up the product in the online store)
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