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Der IoT Button auf einem Warenträger zum Rufen von Verkaufspersonal

The Bütema IoT (Internet of Things) buttons are small, lightweight buttons that can be freely programmed for a number of different functions. In the following we present some use cases.

If a store is equipped with the Bütema customer stop light, it cannot only be switched on automatically but also manually. For example, if the store has not yet reached the maximum number of customers, but employees notice that the space is already too full in certain areas. The digital signage screen switches to the "STOP" promotion and asks customers to wait.

Another example is product comparison: in this scenario a button is placed in front of the products that are to be compared with each other. If a customer presses one or more buttons, detailed information appears on the digital signage screen. This application is perfect for products that require explanation or come with many hidden features.

It is also possible to use a button in the Interactive Fitting Room or on a product carrier. If a customer needs assistance, they can press the button. The shop staff receives a push message via the InStore Assistant.

These are just three examples - the possibilities that IoT Buttons offer in connection with the InStore Assistant and the soviaRetail Backstore are almost unlimited.

With a diameter of 3 cm and a weight of a few grams, the buttons can be used anywhere immediately and easily. Electricity is provided by a very long-lasting button battery. The connection to a hub is established via Bluetooth, the hub, in turn, is connected to the Azure Cloud and thus to the soviaRetail Backstore via the Internet. The administration of the buttons takes place completely via the Backstore

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