Launch of the Bütema partner program

Bütema AG traditionally sees itself as the partner for fashion and lifestyle retail in the DACH region. Most of our customers manage their own network of branches.

However, especially for agencies and franchise systems, we offer a special service tailored to the needs of “our customers' partners”. Our focus is on the simplest possible integration and management of digital signage screens, PCs and content. The focus of our program is to equip branches with the 'all-round carefree package'. This consists not only of the hardware and software installation, but also of building the digital signage backend (the soviaRetail backstore) in such a way that the management of the media and the creation of content for the operators of the branches is so easy, intuitive and time-efficient as is possible. This offer is rounded off by an extensive SLA. In order to map our offers to franchisors, agencies and franchise owners/partners clearly and to the respective requirements and questions of these special target groups, we have expanded our website accordingly. *

We made a distinction between 'agencies & franchisors' as those customers who are responsible for the central control of the digital signage backend. On the other hand, we also address 'franchisees/partners', in whose branches the hardware and the reproduction of the DS content are ultimately used.

On the respective landing pages* we provide detailed information about:
• The benefits of the program
• Exemplary structure of the backend for media and playlist management
• Our digital signage features
• Overview of display sizes and types
• Mobile Apps
• What our “all-round carefree package” includes
• Alternatives: Buy instead of rent / bring your own device

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