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The Schuh Mücke company was founded in Kulmbach (Germany) in 1954 by Werner and Else Mücke. Today, under the management of the ANWR GROUP eG, it operates 12 branches with a total sales area of ​​55,000 square meters. In addition, Schuh Mücke has its own online shop and is represented on various platforms such as Today, however, the range goes far beyond shoes: accessories, clothing and bags are also part of the GmbH's portfolio.

For Schuh Mücke we have adapted our sovia app (InStore Assistant App) to the specific and unique needs of the company. Schuh Mücke's different customer touchpoints (own branches, own online shop, platform business) mean that many different channels have to come together. In addition, each Schuh Mücke branch also doubles as a warehouse. Orders that are received via the own Schuh Mücke online shop, for example, are assigned to branches in addition to the central warehouse, if necessary. In order to bring all channels together in the central merchandise management system and thus to guarantee a clean and up-to-date inventory management, our customer uses an 'intermediary' software with which our sovia retail system also communicates.

sovia system for Schuh Mücke - Features

If a Schuh Mück customer creates a shopping cart that consists of several items (for example, because he has made a purchase in the Schuh Mücke online shop), this shopping cart arrives 'disassembled' in our sovia system: that is, we check the storage locations for each single article. Storage locations can be the central warehouse, but also every branch. An algorithm determines which storage location now receives the order and send it to the central warehouse to complete the customer order.

Employees in this branch then receive a notification on their sovia app about which item they need to look for. This order lasts for a maximum of 2 hours; if this time expires, or if the branch immediately rejects the picking, the next branch will be notified. If a branch accepts the order, an employee looks for the article from the branch inventory, records it using the sovia app by scanning the barcode, and 'marries' the article with a dedicated transport box, also by scanning the QR or barcodes on the box. The box is then sent to the Schuh Mücke central warehouse.

All individual components of a customer shopping basket come together (physically) in Schuh Mücke's central warehouse. There they are 'reassembled' into one package and sent to the customer or to the branch where the customer can collect his order personally. At the same time, the corresponding notification is sent to the sovia system. If an order is complete, our system automatically triggers an email notification to the customer.

The goods receipt indicates that the store can expect a delivery. Incoming goods are always collected by scanning a code. All goods receipts can be tapped to view details.

If a multi-part order cannot be delivered in full, our system will also recognize this and send a corresponding information email to Schuh Mücke and the customer. If an order is not processed further (e.g. if an article has been unprocessed in the 'Inbox' for more than two days), the process can be escalated to Schuh Mücke Support.

The sovia system automatically displays change information in the inventory. Returns can also be recorded via the app: either by scanning a barcode - for example that of the purchase receipt - or as a free return.

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