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Digital Admission Control & Frequency Measurement


Today frequency measurements and admission controls can do much more than just record visitor numbers: the analysis of routes and heat maps can become vital when planning how and where to display your goods.


With the digital admission control you coordinate the flow of visitors and inform your customers whether the maximum number of people allowed in the shop has been reached. Hygiene regulations on the sales area can thus be observed without the need for any employees to constantly check.

3D sensors installed on the ceiling before the store's entrance or level automatically count the number of customers. Customers are detected when entering or leaving. When the maximum permitted number of people has been reached, the digital admission control automatically switches to "STOP" and prompts customers to wait. In addition, information on hygiene regulations and advertising content may be displayed. Thanks to the modular soviaRetail software, the display can later be used as a digital counter card, for wayfinding or as a self-service terminal.

Schematische Darstellung der Größenverhältnisse zwischen einem 22-Zoll Touch Display mit Fuß und einem 55 Zoll Display mit Rahmen

Product features:

  • Coordinating customer traffic
  • Anonymous 3D detection
  • Design any layout
  • If there's no warning, display shows digital signage content.


Digital frequency counting is used to analyze customer routes and to increase operational efficiency. Frequency counting also provides important information for evaluating the return on investment of the digital solutions in the area.

The sensors from our partner sensalytics, which are attached to the ceiling in the entrance and exit areas, or inside the shop, detect incoming and outgoing customers - completely anonymously.

With the help of the collected data, high-frequency times, days of the week or seasons can be evaluated and valuable conclusions can be drawn with regard to employee deployment plans, advertising campaigns and product positioning. On the basis of the analyzed routes, so-called heat maps can be created, which allow conclusions to be drawn about the return on investment of digital solutions. For example, it can be analyzed whether the customer can even perceive the solutions based on their walking routes.

Schaubild zur Darstellung der Möglichkeiten der Frequenzmessung in einem Retail-Store

Product features:

  • Customer counting
  • Analysis of routes taken
  • Heatmaps
  • completely anonymous
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