Ein Notebook und ein Handy, auf dem Details des Mitteilungen-Features zu sehen sind


The InStore Assistant as the heart of our solutions combines all processes in retail: ERP processes such as goods movements or inventory management and inventory, omnichannel processes such as click & collect, click & reserve or the in-store order, CRM processes such as customer card recording and customer advice details and mobile payment. Digital signage screens can also be controlled with the InStore Assistant. We offer two features for communication within the team in order to be able to support companies and employees in the best possible way.


Das Mobilgerät TC57 von Zebra mit einem Screenshot des Communication Centers aus der InStore Assistant App

The Communication Center has been built as a classic chat feature. Messages can be shared in group or individual chats. All application and process information displayed in the InStore Assistant can also be sent. This can be, for instance, item details or a click & collect order ready for picking. Media from the digital signage media library can also be shared.

The chat is intended for communication within the company and for easy sharing of processes directly from our mobile sales advisory service. Processes sent in the chat can in turn be shared in other chats or - in the case of articles - placed in a shopping cart directly from the chat.


The announcement feature is structured as a top-down communication and is intended to be able to communicate information quickly and easily within the team. This type of communication is particularly suitable for company information from management that is intended to reach a large number of employees. 

Das Mobilgerät TC57 von Zebra mit einem Screenshot des Communication Centers aus der InStore Assistant App

Text messages, images, videos or PDFs can be shared in various channels. Due to the top-down approach, only employees with the appropriate authorization can make a post. Depending on the rights hierarchy, it can be determined who gets read, write or admin rights.

The “pinning” is well known from common social media channels: a particularly important contribution can be marked accordingly with a click and thus “sticks” permanently at the top of the channel. The author of a post can also decide whether the post may be commented on.

Together with the communication center, the announcements round off the internal corporate communication within the Bütema applications. Important messages can be sent directly and easily to all employees and are guaranteed not to be lost - whether on the warehouse clerk's smartphone or in the browser of the marketing team.

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